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Rewired on NTS: New Zealand underground special with Noel Meek

July 2018

Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman are joined in the NTS studios by Wire contributor, End Of The Alphabet label boss and improvising musician Noel Meek. For this show they play and talk about some of the best underground music happening in New Zealand today

Noel Meek & Cameron Stallones
“A Third Tendril”


Orchestra of Spheres
“Anklung Song”

from Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon


from Kushari

Hermione Johnson & Stefan Neville

from Scrum
(Feeding Tube)

Greg Malcolm & Stefan Neville

from Deep And Meaningful Vol 3

Jeff Henderson

from Soundtracks Vol 1: The Arsehole
(iiii Records)

Drako Madtalk
“Pool Of Water”

from Involutaria
(The Grow Room)

“Feeling Like Helium”

from Like Splitting The Head From The Body
(Sonorous Circle)

Donald McPherson & Tetuzi Akiyama
“Live In Christchurch 2010”

from The Kitchen Tapes
(End Of The Alphabet)

The show was first aired on NTS radio on 19 July, 11am (BST)

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