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The Wire Tapper 06

Issue 200

The Wire Tapper 6 is compiled by Anne Hilde Neset and Tony Herrington. Given away free to subscribers worldwide with the October 2000 issue 200

No Download Available

Due to licensing restrictions The Wire Tapper 06 is not available for digital download, only as a CD. The CD came with The Wire 200.


1) The Fall Dr. Buck's Letter
(Taken from the Eagle Rock album)

2) Flanger Bosco's Disposable Driver
(Taken from the Ntone album Midnight Sound)

3) Susumu Yokota Kodomotachi
(Taken form the Leaf album Sakura)

4) Ran Blake Nica's Dream
(The Wire Tapper Exclusive courtesy of Hat Hut)

5) Christian Marclay/Otomo Yoshide Hyoushi
(Taken from the Asphodel album Moving Parts)

6) Sensational Paper Chase
(Taken from the WordSound album Heavyweighter)

7) General Magic Rechenexe
(Taken from the Mego album Rechenkönig)

8) Pan Sonic Kierto
(Taken from the Blast First album Aaltopiiri)

9) Jan Jelinek They, Them
(Taken from the ~scape album)

10) poire_z hairless_handle
(The Wire Tapper exclusive courtesy of For 4 Ears)

11) HIM Untitleled, Live At The Empty Bottle, Chicago
(The Wire Tapper exclusive, courtesy of Perishable)

12) David Grubbs Stanwell Perpetual
(Taken from the Dag City album The Spectrum Between)

13) Trio Hurricane +1 Initiation (Excerpt)
(The Wire Tapper exlusive courtesy of Eremite)

14) Angus MacLise Universal Mutant #3
(The Wire Tapper exclusive courtesy of Quakebasket)

15) Glass Cage Box Crushed Flat
(The Wire Tapper exclusive courtesy of Paratactile)


1) Nurse With Wound P.F.L (Deambulation Mix)
(Previously Unreleased mix from the United Daries album An Awkward Pause)

2) Faust So Far (Alternate)
(Taken from ReR boxset The Faust Box: The Wümme Years 1970-73)

3) John Fahey Dream of the Origin of the French Broad River
(Taken from the Revenant 4 CD box set: John Fahey's Earliest Recordings: The Fonotone Years (1958-65))

4) Nils Økland Straum
(Taken from the Rune Grammofon/ECM album Straum)

5) Coil A Cold Cell
(Exclusive demoversion from the Nothing/Threshold House album Backwards)

6) Janek Schaefer Accident Assistant
(The Wire Tapper Exclusive Courtesy of Fat Cat)

7) Current Ninety Three Red Hawthorn Tree
(Previously unreleased mix from the Durtro album Sleep Has His House)

8) Djivan Gasparyan Nazani
(Taken from the World Music Network album Armenia: Djivan Gasparyan)

9 Peanut Butter Wolf feat Rasco remixed by Mark 45 King Run The Line
(Taken from the Copasetik release The Definition Of Ill)

10) I-Sound Folded
(The Wire Tapper exclusive mix of Erstwhile catalogue)

11) BitTonic & Si-Cut.db Recycled 200 Copyright Control
(The Wire Tapper exclusive courtesy of Sprawl)

12) c-schulz & hajsch 6
(Taken from the s/t Sonig release)

13) Tom Recchion Gentlewomanly Grace
(The Wire Tapper exclusive courtesy of Birdman)

14) Pluramon Self remix (Schmickler)
(Taken from the Mille Plateaux album Bit Sand Riders)

15) Hermann Nitsch Night Music (String Quintett) Day 5 August 8, 1998 1:30 A.M/ Day of Dionysus: Imperative Excess (Day 3) extract August 5, 1998 3:00 P.M
(Night Music is taken from Disc 8 in the Hermann Nitsch Das 6-Tage-Spiel des Orgies Mysteries Theater 8-CD box. Day of Dionysus is from forthcoming Cortical Foundation LP release)