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An audio introduction to Jacob Wick

July 2019

The US trumpeter shares a selection of collaborations and a 20 minute recording from his latest solo release

“Playing until he physically can’t, playing outside the boundaries of the trumpet’s conventional voice, and de-naturalising listening encounters, are all cornerstones of his work,” writes Bill Meyer, in his Jacob Wick feature in The Wire 426. Recordings on the Mexico City based trumpeter's latest release Feel have been attached together, creating an extended musical sequence that could not possibly be played physically. “My ideal situation in a performance is that the quality of sound that I’m producing, which may not appear to have a beginning or end, creates a confusion of time,” declares Wick. This playlist, curated by the musician, includes some shorter collaborative pieces as well as two longform improvisations.

Hungry Cowboy (Jonathan Goldberger, Briggan Krauss, Mike Pride)

(Prom Night)

A Mown Lawn (Judith Berkson, Curtis Hasselbring, Josh Sinton, Katie Young)
“1127 (Soft As The Massacre Of Suns)"
From A Mown Lawn
(self released)

Tres Hongos (Marc Riordan, Frank Rosaly)
“Franklin At Night”
From Where My Dreams Go To Die
(Prom Night/molk)

Jacob Wick & Brad Henkel
“Help Me Birds”
From I Saw A Lightbulb Flickering. I Moved Towards It And It Was Morning

Jacob Wick & Phil Sudderberg
“All Rolling Down The Hill”
From Combinatory Pleasures
(Astral Spirits)

Jacob Wick & Phil Sudderberg
“To Meet You In Your Finery”
From Combinatory Pleasures
(Astral Spirits)

Jacob Wick & Phil Sudderberg
“To Meet You In Your Little Corner”
From Combinatory Pleasures
(Astral Spirits)

Jacob Wick
“For Ted”
From Feel
(Thin Wrist)

Jacob Wick is interviewed by Bill Meyer in The Wire 426, available now. Subscribers can access the full interview by logging in to the archive.


like Plies Mr Wick is the realest.

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