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Exclusive Hem mix

March 2010

Check this mix by Kamal Joory, also known as Geiom

Download this mix which gives a taster of forthcoming Hem tracks produced by Kamal Joory, interviewed about his work as Geiom in the current issue


1. Piknik Basket
2. Hot Wheelz
3. Plastic Lily
4. A Plus 2
5. On A Mission (Feat: Terrible Shock) (Berkane Sol)
6. Rich Chroma (Auralize)
7. Steamy Ezcape (Auralize)

The Shortstuff remix of "On A Mission" is featured on the new Rinse mix CD, mixed by DJ Oneman. It will be released as a vinyl 12" on Berkane Sol backed up with the original version and "Plastic Lily".

"Rich Chroma" and "Steamy Ezcape" will be released on 10" vinyl by new label Auralize who are also putting out a 12" of new Geiom and Spamchop tunes.

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