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Exclusive mix from London producer Parris

November 2016

Ahead of his set at London's Corsica Studios this weekend, producer and Soundman Chronicles label boss offers us an exclusive mix

Dwayne Parris-Robinson aka Parris is a London based DJ, producer and label boss of Soundman Chronicles, which he founded in 2013 and which has featured artists such as Facta, Wen, Rabit and Etch. Hanging in circles with fellow bass heavyweights, Parris has released music on Tempa, Idle Hands and, most recently, the Skeletal EP on Ancient Monarchy, tracks from which will be getting the remix treatment from Helm, Sam Kidel and O$VMV$M for a forthcoming set on the same label.

“Just a selection of music I've been feeling lately across the board of various different sounds,” explains Parris when asked about the inspiration behind his mix. “I haven't done a mix in a while so I thought it would be nice to get one out this year. From the starting point with Amos and Boofy who have built one of my favourite releases of the year, the mix starts with a more straighter-edged take on UK techno and then eventually moves into more broken and experimental territory with tracks like Walton's “Caught In A Trip” and EMMA’s “Gold” showing that you can explore a lot of different sonic spaces at slower tempos while keeping the music interesting.”

In order of appearance, the tracklist is:

Boofy & Amos “Close” (Forthcoming No Corner)
Lack “Untitled” (Unreleased)
Baba Stiltz “We Both Know It's The Last Game We Play” (Trilogy Tapes)
Parris “Burr” (Idle Hands)
Ploy “Move Yourself” (Hessle Audio)
Hodge “Summer Waste” (Unreleased)
Via Maris “Ectomorph” (Unreleased)
Facta “Sweet Sixteen” (Forthcoming)
Cop Envy “Sshake” (Unreleased)
Orson & Hops “Government Dub” (Unreleased)
Walton “Caught In A Trip” (Tectonic)
EMMA “Gold” (Unreleased)
SKRS vs Jabu “Oran VIP” (No Corner)

“Things I've been up to recently? Working on trying to finish some new music,” adds the producer. “The process of writing music for me can vary, with some ideas flowing quickly and some taking more time to develop. So it just depends on the idea and how I feel about the music. I also have some other releases forthcoming in the near future, more info will be available about them soon!”

Parris will DJ B2B with Wen this Saturday at Different Circles x Contort night at Corsica Studios. The line-up also includes: Samuel Kerridge, Mumdance & Logos, Randall, Raime, Fis, Shapednoise, Sos Gunver Ryberg, Conor Thomas and WSR. The event will happen as part of the ongoing Clock Strikes 13 electronic music event series, which has been taking place at various venues throughout October and November.

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