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Listen to Strobes' Brokespeak

November 2016

Exclusive stream of the London-based trio's polyrhythm-heavy debut album

Strobes are the collaboration of keyboardist Dan Nicholls with drummer Joshua Blackmore (who played with Squarepusher) and Matt Calvert (of Three Trapped Tigers) who plays guitar and synthesizers. Most of their music is the result of improvisation, but their collaboration is balanced and sure, with no one player dominating. Their songs encompass overheated math rock and energetic fusion jams, head-swirling polyrhythms and electronics gone wrong, and more than a hint of Flying Lotus style mutant jazz.

Brokespeak is released on 4 November on Blood & Biscuits and Strobes play a live show on 2 November at Birthdays, London.

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