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Listen to a track from Thug Entrancer's latest album Arcology

February 2016

Stream “Terrain” from US producer Thug Entrancer's latest album on Software

Arcology is Denver based Ryan McRyhew aka Thug Entrancer's second album on Daniel Lopatin's Software label. Following his 2014 debut Death After Life, this is a particularly acid techno undertaking, developed around the theme of self-contained, self-sufficient and therefore environmentally conscious architecture.

Chal Ravens writes in The Wire 385: "Where the first Thug Entrancer album Death After Life was an outsider's skewed take on house and juke, exploring the pulse of his temporary home of Chicago, Arcology feels like a synthesis of the city's acid sound with McRyhew's earlier adventures in noise and messy electronics."

Thug Entrancer's Arcology, is released on 4 March by Software.

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