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Issue 385

March 2016

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The Japanese trio have embraced rock, metal, noise, pop, drone and more in their 25 year career to date. They're now set to release a new collaboration with noise magus Merzbow. By James Hadfield.

Awful Records & Harsh Riddims
Atlanta, Georgia has been a hiphop heartland since the 1990s. Now a new breed of lo-fi outliers clustered around indie labels Awful and Harsh Riddims is edging the music into the twilight zone. By Ian McQuaid.

Church Organs: The organ may seem an unlikely avant garde instrument, but a handful of contemporary artists are finding new uses for its awe-inspiring sonic impact. By Philip Clark.


Ánde Somby: The Sámi vocalist runs with the wolves. By Clive Bell

Anenon: Los Angeles musician Brian Allen Simon maps the city's freeways. By Sam Lefebvre

Anna Meredith: The Scottish composer reveals a talent for kaleidoscopic avant pop. By Abi Bliss

Alex McLean: The algorave pioneer explains the allure of live coding. By Emily Bick

Calais Global Ear: Migrants in the French port city find a few moments of peace in folk songs and sound systems. By Celeste Cantor-Stephens

Invisible Jukebox: Andrew Weatherall. The UK house and techno veteran rattles his sabre at The Wire's mystery record selection. Tested by Chal Ravens

The Inner Sleeve: Jazzman's Gerald Short on Jef Gilson & Malagasy's 'Zao

Epiphanies: Baron Mordant's tongue is untied by Nick Edwards aka Ekoplekz

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Uwe Rasch's Aus Vierundzwanzig, Nicolas Collins's Salvaged: Compositions 1986–2014

Print Run: New music books: new works on Bob Cobbing and Charles Lloyd, plus adventures in music and theory and new ways of listening

On Location: Recent festivals gigs and clubs: Ramleh, Peter Zinovieff, Simon Bookish and King Ayisoba

On Site: Recent exhibitions: Dean Blunt in London, Alien Encounters in Nottingham

1997EV, Masami Akita & Eiko Ishibashi, Fatima Al Qadiri, Bossie Badazz, Gordon Beeferman, Blowfly, David Bowie, Mike Cooper, Everest Magma, Federico Durnad, Gate, Good Willsmith, Heron Oblivion, Inventing Masks, Paul Jebanasam, Chuck Johnson, Glenn Jones, Kano, Matt Karmil, Keda, Sebastian Lexer & Steve Noble, Alan Licht, Linafornia, Mamiffer, Māra, Anna Meredith, Stephen O'Malley, Anthony Pasquarosa, Howard Riley, Ryuichi Sakamoto/Alva Noto/Bryce Dessner, Mikael Seifu, Ánde Somby, Space Captain, Tarana, Tarzana, Thug Entrancer, Venetian Snares, Ute Wassermann & Birgit Ulher, Veryan Weston & Trevor Watts, Daniel Wohl, Yearning Kru, Adrian Younge, Zeitkratzer & Keiji Haino

The Columns by Katrina Dixon, Rory Gibb, Steve Barker, Adam Harper, Richard Stacey, Stewart Smith, Julian Cowley, Tristan Bath

Size Matters by Byron Coley

The Boomerang: AMM, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Napoleon Cherry, Earl Brutus, The Ex, Final Cut, Flying Saucer Attack, Bert Jansch, Pere Ubu, Allen Ravenstine, Various The Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970–1983, Alan Vega/Alex Chilton/Ben Vaughan