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Listen: Adam Bohman tape collages

June 2014

Stream collage pieces by the experimental musician and artist

Daniel Spicer reviews Adam Bohman's Music And Words 2 in The Wire 365: "You can never be 100 per cent certain what you’re going to get from an Adam Bohman performance. You might see him coaxing tiny acoustic tones and textures from a tabletop of bric-a-brac and junk; reading a cut-up of found texts incorporating snatches of Chinese takeaway menus and TV screenplays; or telling a long and convoluted joke that gets more doggedly hilarious with every passing minute. But these recordings from 1977–2010 show that, throughout his whole career, the tape recorder – and, specifically, the art of tape collage – has been a constant."

Music And Words 2 is out on Paradigm Discs, and the deadline for Sound And Music's open call for three composers to develop new work with the Bohman's and Richard Thomas closes on 9 July.

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