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Listen: Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp outtake

September 2014

Stream an exclusive outtake from Jones and Shipp's new album, The Darkseid Recital, covered in The Wire 367

Reviewing Darius Jones and Matthew Shipp's The Darkseid Recital in The Wire 367, Daniel Spicer writes: "When Shipp bathes in characteristically low, oceanic rumblings, Jones takes advantage of the energy in a savage, thrusting mutter, zeroing in on the precise psychobiological tone that will cause his skin, flesh and ribcage to peel back, and expose a molten heart to the heavens. Darius Jones doesn’t just know what he wants to say. He knows exactly how to say it."

"The Radiant One" was recorded during sessions for The Darkseid Recital (the second instalment in their Cosmic Lieder series) but is not included on the album. The Darkseid Recital is out now on AUM Fidelity

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