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Listen: Else Marie Pade & Jacob Kirkegaard

July 2013

Listen to a recording made by Danish electronic music pioneer Else Marie Pade, with sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard.

Born in 1924, Else Marie Pade says of her early interest in music: "I have been searching for sounds all my life... In my childhood I was sick with a recurring kidney infection, I lay in bed for so long, but I could lie and listen to the sounds outside."

Later, after serving time in a German prison camp during the Second World War, Pade went to work for Danish Radio's music department, becoming the first person in Denmark to begin composing with electronics.

More recently Pade has been collaborating with the Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard on works that use beat frequencies (vibrations generated by the interference between two frequencies). "Cirrostratus" is a track from Pade and Kirkegaard's album Svævninger, released by Important Records.

Else Marie Pade is featured in an article by Anne Hilde Neset in The Wire 354.