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Listen: Jussi Lehtisalo tracks

July 2013

Listen to solo and collaborative tracks by the Falcon (ex-Circle) frontman and Ektro Records boss Jussi Lehtisalo. Lehtisalo is the subject of The Wire 354 Invisible Jukebox, tested by Petri Kuljuntausta.

Jussi Lehtisalo
"Aikoja Sitten"
from Rotta
(Full Contact)
This song is from my first solo album Rotta. It was Roy Harpers's song "One Man Rock And Roll Band" that inspired me to make the album. In the beginning, the vocals are in the dialect of my home town Pori, where it's customary to understate one's own existence and identity. Later on, the lyrics deal with falling in love and lack of love in return, ending up by disappearing into the bottom of a pond.

Rättö & Lehtisalo
"Virattomat (demo)"
I've had plenty of projects with my dear friend Mika Rättö [also a member of Circle]. The purpose of Rättö & Lehtisalo is to write pop music with the intention of entering the Finnish charts, and once that goal is achieved, we’ll quit. So far, there’s been no fear of that happening. In the song "Virattomat" we’re rambling on in lost ancient languages and fumbling our way towards achieving Popol Vuh-esque spiritual levels. There's no way to get into the Finnish charts with that kind of stuff.

Jussi Lehtisalo
from Saturnus Reality
This song was originally written for personal enjoyment, but it was nevertheless used in the soundtrack of Saturnus Reality, a film about Circle. I decided to make meaningless electro with a Yamaha DX27 syntheziser, and I came up with four more songs which will, for the time being, be kept in my desk drawer.

Kangas ja Tuomi ja Lehtisalo
Jussi Kangas is an old school Heavy Metal guitarist from Pori. Together we created a monster with which we drove ourselves into the discomfort zone, a place where true self-expression lurks. We both succeeded and failed, which is often the case with improvisation. These kind of things seem to happen here in Finland.

Spirit Metanol
Spirit Metanol is a rehearsal room project through which we acquainted ourselves with alcoholism and obscure conditions that plague Finland severely. Finnish drinking habits often lead to indecipherable grunts. The troops are led and ocean liners navigated in random directions without order or sense. This is an all encompassing national epic for which there is no end in sight.