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Circle announce a name change: will now be called Falcon, leasing out Circle to other musicians

After over 20 years of operation, prolific Finnish group Circle have announced that they'll be changing their name to Falcon, leasing the name Circle to a new group of musicians (although all scheduled live shows will be performed by the group's long standing line up). The new Circle are currently working on the next album.

Circle founder Jussi Lehtisalo says: "The need for the sudden name change arises from the Circle brand becoming somewhat of a burden due to the expectations of Ektro Records and audiences. Making music was turning into work and an obligation."

The group's plan is to effectively lease the name to another group of musicians until the end of 2013, at which point the contract expires and Falcon (ex-Circle) will decide whether they want to continue to operate as Falcon or return to their original moniker. Jussi notes jokingly: "If Falcon will be very famous by the end of the year, it'll be very easy to come back to the brand Circle!"

The first Falcon release will be titled "Beer And Ribs", released on 2 August via Ektro, and full length albums by both Falcon (ex-Circle) and the new Circle are pencilled in for release in Autumn. More on the Circle site and Ektro.