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Listen: Marisa Anderson tracks

July 2013

Listen to recordings by the Portland based American folk guitarist. Anderson talks to Nick Southgate in The Wire 354.

Marisa Anderson says: ""The Golden Hour" was recorded over the course of a year. I never listened back to the session tapes after they were made, and so I never actually learned how to play any of the songs by memory. This track is me attempting to cover the first song off of that record, Drop Down. Of course I realise mid-track that the task is impossible and that it's more fun to just play whatever I want.

""Country Sketch" is me sketching out ideas lifted from listening to the guitar breaks in commercial country songs. This was recorded in my studio in March 2013.

""Golden Hour Outtake" is from the tapes that became The Golden Hour. It was recorded at Michael Henrickson's house. This track was probably recorded in late 2009."

Anderson's Mercury is out now on Mississippi Records. A split 7" with unreleased Elizabeth Cotten tracks on one side and Anderson on the flip is set for release by Portland radio station KBOO, in celebration of their 45th anniversary.