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Listen: Rob Mazurek tracks

July 2013

Listen to solo work by Chicago Underground musician Rob Mazurek, and a piece by his Exploding Star Orchestra.

Rob Mazurek formed the Exploding Star Orchestra in 2005, after being commissioned to put together a group representing avant-garde scenes in Chicago, and includes a changing cast of around 15 players from The Windy City.

These two tracks are from the orchestra's forthcoming release Matter Anti-Matter with Roscoe Mitchell. "Europa" includes Kevin Drumm, Mike Reed and Matana Roberts, among others, and "Last Breath On The Forgotten Planet" is a short solo piece by Mazurek on electronics.

Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Orchestra’s Matter Anti-Matter is out this month on the jazz label Rogue Art; his Electro Acoustic Ensemble’s The Space Between is out on Delmark; and The Rob Mazurek Octet’s Skull Sessions is released via Cuneiform. Rob Mazurek is on the cover of The Wire 354, interviewed by Bill Meyer.