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Preview Tsembla's new album

May 2018

The Swedish-Finnish electronic composer's latest record is inspired by natural environments and perception

Turku, Finland based musician Marja Ahti recorded her third solo album towards the end of 2016, after returning from Japan armed with field recordings to combine with her synthesizer and electronic feedback based compositions. Alongside her solo work and performance, Ahti also collaborates with others involved in the Finnish DIY scene, notably with psychedelic improv collective Kemialliset Ystävät and recently as part of a new group named IAX.

“I recorded the album during a few months in the fall of 2016 ... That year was a bewildering time, politically of course – but for me also marked by loss in the family. The field recordings on the opening track, “Gravitating Bones”, are something I brought back from the trip. They are from two locations in Tokyo – by the train tracks in Setagaya and from the graveyard by Gōtokuji temple, birds crowing and tearing at a tool shed slowed down to less than half speed. The track has a theme of gravitation and the fact of being a physical mortal body – gravitation here in terms of tones and sounds rising, falling and disappearing, as well as the empty space in between, then the heaviness of the field recordings. The title “Gravitating Bones” can also be thought of as the attraction of bodies gravitating towards each other.”

A Hole In The Landscape is released by NNA Tapes 25 May


I want to tell you that I found it amazing. My fav track is "False Awakening". Let's preorder!

Ahhh, Penumbra and Gravitating Bones are brilliant. Great album, superb job Maria!

how wonderful ear candy indeed a must buy!

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