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Stream Charles Hayward’s “Watching You”

April 2019

The South London drummer and pianist reveals the first track from his forthcoming solo album

Charles Hayward will release his new solo set Begin Anywhere on 21 June. The LP follows the final performances by This Is Not This Heat at London Deptford's Albany Theatre in May. Hayward and guitarist Charles Bullen reconvened under the adapted name to perform the music of their group This Heat back in 2016, but recently announced they will be concluding the collaboration in order to move on to new projects.

Begin Anywhere is a collection of songs for piano and voice – with one track including some quiet drumming. Hayward explained the context for the opener “Watching You” in an email:

“I wrote “Watching You” after I receiving an automated voice telephone message early one morning.
‘I’ve been watching you, did I wake you up?’
Sort of spooked me, threw me headlong into the song.
The second verse came first, then the third.
The chorus just before I went to bed.
I wrote the first verse as soon as I woke up the following morning.
I was still in bed.
Some songs take ages to write, this one was very quick.
I never found out who sent the message.”

Begin Anywhere is available on vinyl via God Unknown and on CD via Klanggalerie from 21 June. Subscribers can read a This Heat Primer in The Wire 384 via the online archive.

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