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Listen to Eli Keszler's Last Signs Of Speed

November 2016

Get a first hit of the New York based composer’s Last Signs Of Speed

Eli Keszler is an artist, composer and percussionist currently based in New York. His work has appeared at Lincoln Center, MIT List Center, Victoria & Albert Museum, South London Gallery, Carpenter Center for The Visual Arts (Harvard), Tectonics Festival, MoMA PS1 and elsewhere. He has collaborated with artists such as Tony Conrad, Oren Ambarchi, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Aki Onda and Rashad Becker, as well as going out solo. Last Signs Of Speed is Keszler’s first solo release since 2012's Catching Net (Pan).

“Perhaps the greatest pleasure of Keszler’s music stems from its unwillingness to identify itself,” writes Bill Meyer in his review of the album in The Wire 394. “Last Signs Of Speed is his response to the tension between his hyper-defined percussive attack and the transformative effects of club sound systems [...] The strike of stick on rim or skin, the flurry of quickly changing patterns of attack, the quick decay of crotales hit while resting upon a drumhead – all sounds true to their source. By contrast, the kick drum has been enhanced into an enveloping complex of frequencies.”

Last Signs Of Speed will be released on 17 November by Empty Edition, a new imprint launched by the Empty Gallery in Hong Kong. Upcoming projects for Keszler include a duo recording with Rashad Becker at The Empty Gallery and a collaborative project with Laurel Halo. Subscribers can read Bill Meyer's review in full over at Exact Editions.

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