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Listen to two tracks by Anna Homler and Steve Moshier

November 2015

Listen to two tracks from Anna Homler and Steve Moshier’s forthcoming Breadwoman & Other Tales, released in February 2016

“I think of English as lettuce and my own language as bread. Breadwoman was a character from my performance art days, an ancient storyteller with a huge loaf on her head,” explained Anna Homler to Ed Baxter in The Wire 164. Los Angeles based Homler is a performance artist and vocalist who sings in an invented tongue. This selection of tracks features her work with the composer and performer Steve Moshier, as documented on their Breadwoman LP, originally released by Pharmacia Poetica in 1985.

Homler and Moshier have revisited the material for Breadwoman & Other Tales, put together with RVNG. Also including extensive sleevenotes and musicians’ interviews edited by Andrew Choate, the record will be released by RVNG’s reissue label ReRVNG in February 2016.


Quite marvellous that - I remember the label Pharmacia Poetica - several of their releases being re-earthed by Wet Dreams (Italy) now.

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