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Issue 164

October 1997

Global Ear: Cologne
At the fringes of Popkomm's music-media circus, Rob Young discovers the future sound of Europe

Richard Horowitz & Sussan Deyhim
A tale of sex and sensuality in the deserts of North Africa, as these majoun missionaries reveal the latent eroticism that beats at the heart of Morocco's ancient trance music. By Simon Hopkins

Mats Gustafsson saxophone colossus Anna Homler Outernational diva Eyvind Kang Fiddler on hoof Label lore: Dot

Journey into the multicoloured, warping world of the former Black Dog partners and current Bjork confidantes, as they shake up an exotic cocktail of gossamer-lite Electronica. By Rob Young

William S Burroughs: Spreading The Virus
Peter Christopherson, Coil and Cabaret Voltaire's Richard H Kirk tell Biba Kopf how their music was infected by the germs emanating from the dirtiest mind in American literature

To Rococo Rot
Linking the stark, white spaces of the European art house with the open-ended world of live Electronica, this german trio are soundtracking the emergence of a new age of enlightenment. by Rob Young

The Secret History Of Film Music
In this latest episode: Philip Brophy focuses on the use of noise as rupture and suture in European cinema. Starring: Pierre Henry, Jean Luc Goddard, Metamkine

Invisible Jukebox: Stereolab
The UK's dottiest,loopiest supergroup try to identify tracks by Jack Arel, Joyce, Harry Hosono Jnr, Nurse With Wound, Don Buchla, Felt and more. Inquistition conducted by Mike Barnes

Yusef Lateef
Since helping to lay the foundation stones of modern jazz, this 'autophysiopsychic' musician has travelled a wayward path through the soundscapes of Asia, West Africa and darkest Hollywood. By Steve Holtje

Pauline Oliveros
America's most elusive Minimalist composer emerges from her underground cavern to meditate on the mysteries of Deep Listening. By Richard Henderson

Graham Haynes
The music of this New york trumpeter is carrying jazz into an alien Fourth World future, using HipHop's footprints in the sand as a guide. By Peter Shapiro