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Wire Mix: Jing

November 2018

The Taiwanese producer shares a new mix to coincide with her latest release

Berlin based DJ and composer Pinchun Lin aka Jing’s first EP was released by Steve Bicknell's concept label 6dimensions earlier in 2018. The imprint started with a brief asking artists to explore their own or other's balances or imbalances of the mind's natural human make-up, taking into account love, fear, joy, hatred, boredom and sexuality. On Diffraction, her new recording for 6dimensions, Jing delivers an electronic audio translation of her own short story describing the moon's view of human activity on Earth.

“To be asked by The Wire to produce a mix was a real honour,” she says, “so my immediate thought was how I could make this more than a DJ mix. Composition 1was produced from my own material – it was quite a journey. The production of the mix was separated into three body parts. My idea was to hypnotise the audience for no purpose. The first 15 minutes I composed using parts from a recent live performance with Victoria Martinez, who’s a violinist. During rehearsals, samples were created which were then included in the mix. The middle section I produced whilst preparing a live set for Short Theatre, an art festival in Rome. While producing this part I let myself go to see any kind of shapes of scenarios. For the closing, opening with my track "Videodrome", I then ventured slowly towards more rhythms and beats. I hope this comes across to the listener!”

Jing's Diffraction EP is released on 23 November by 6dimensions.


brilliant and evocative!

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