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Wire Mix: Lucrecia Dalt

August 2017

Ahead of her appearance at Meakusma 2017, Colombian musician Lucrecia Dalt shares an exclusive mix

The second edition of Belgium’s Meakusma festival runs between 8–10 September 2017. Happening across eight stages in Eupen, the line-up features Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek, Georgia Big Band featuring Sun Araw, M.Geddes Gengras, Kiki Kudo, Matt Werth & Blazer, Andrew Pekler, Lucrecia Dalt, Mary Ocher, Jace Clayton presents Julius Eastman’s Memorial Dinner, David Toop, Ben UFO, Huerco S, Electric Indigo and more.

Colombian musician, sound artist and radio host Lucrecia Dalt will be participating in the Faitiche showcase on 10 September. Here she presents an exclusive mix for The Wire mostly featuring artists from the Meakusma line up.


Hile Laughs
Pierre Bastien “Les Stèles De Xercès – Lipophone” (excerpt)
Ramzi “Dezombi”
Miki Yui “Miivmi”
Katharina Große & Stefan Schneider “Schattenmodell”
Niagara “SEE” (excerpt)
Ramzi “Dezombi (Comes Back)”
Andrew Pekler “A Savage Topography”
Sergei Tcherepnin “Queer 1”
Raymonde “A1 Grand Batista”
Typhonian Highlife “Symphosodon Nasty Boys”
Mary Ocher “Zah Zah, Pt 2” meets Jooklo Duo “Primitive Power”
Riccardo Sinigaglia, Sergio Armaroli “Tecrit”
David Toop “For A Language To Come”
Irmler & FM Einheit “M”
Richard Horowitz “Never Tech No Foreign Answer”
Craig Ward “Mount Betsy (As Circumscribed by Ancient Tides)”
Sun Araw “Gazebo Effect”
Mauro Pawlowski “Attention: Murmurhor”
Leonel Kaplan, Diego Chamy, Axel Dorner “Sn'tha”
Eli Keszler “Corresponding Probably To Quanta”
06 23_8 For Conlon Nancarrow
Gelbart “Bubbles” (excerpt)
Lucrecia Dalt “Floto (Diamagnet And Cae)”
Georgia “Haya”
Rudy Trouvé “Sometimes”
Mary Ocher “The Irrevocable Temple Of Knowledge”
Lena Willikens “Nilpferd”
Andrew Pekler “Synthetic Birdsong”
Richard Horowitz “Never Tech No Foreign Answer”
Nika Son “Drissk”
Ursula Bogner “Feldspat”
Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek “Helio”
Huerco S. “Hear Me Out”
Dominique Lawarlée “Please Do Not Disturb”


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