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Claudia Molitor's Portal

December 2011

Read about Claudia Molitor's choice picks of the web. The London based German composer is featured in The Wire 335 in an article by Philip Clark.

UbuWeb and the Free Music Archive I'm sure that UbuWeb and the Free Music Archive have been recommended many, many times before but only because they are marvelous, eclectic treasure troves of music, sound, poetry, conceptual art, video and more. In fact there is so much to explore on these sites that they verge on the overwhelming.

See This Sound is an ambitious project to examine connections between image and sound in art and media. If you've not had the chance to get your hands on the book they have produced, then there is this website. It's a shame there aren't any films and soundfiles to watch and listen to, but there is still quite a lot of info there and it is growing, so hopefully there might be some sounds in future!

Conductive paint and interactive materials Currently I'm working on a project that introduces touch as a sense with which to engage, experience and explore music and art. The research for this has lead me to come across some interesting developments in textile design and also conductive paint - hours of fun!

Instructables And talking about making things yourself and sharing your ideas, this website has lots of projects if you're feeling in a sort of stay-at-home, tinkering mood. See, for example, this wearable toy piano.

Hand Drawn Map Association Hand drawn maps, some imaginary, some useful doodles for a friend to find their way.

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