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Holly Herndon Portal

October 2012

Follow the musician Holly Herndon's top links of the web. Herndon is the subject of an article by Jennifer Lucy Allan in The Wire 345, her album, Movement is released by RVNG Intl on 15 November. She'll also be performing at the Unsound festival in Krakow, Poland on 18 October.


Artist Beau Wanzer
Beau Wanzer is a hardware synth and drum machine jammer. He releases work under several monikers, one of which is Streetwalker with Elon Katz of White Car. Beau helped me out with some sick 808 lines for the track "Fade" on Movement and is a true master of the classic dirty Chicago sound.

DIS magazine
I feel like DIS have been on top of their game for the last couple of years, with a combination of appropriated corporate styles and memes, critical and hi-fidelity fashion shoots and musical curation. They manage to be hilarious and deathly serious at the same time, and it's now at the point where I can't lift my head up in an urban, office or club environment without thinking 'DIS kind of owns that right now'. It'll be interesting to see where they take things now that so many people have appropriated their style.

Tor Project
Tor is a fascinating project out of San Francisco led by Jacob Applebaum which uses onion proxy techniques to allow anyone to browse anonymously online. I'm always talking about how my laptop knows more about me than I do, however I'd prefer for that information to be released only at my discretion! Also worth checking out is the Duck Duck Go search engine. A good alternative to Google, it doesn't track and retain your search data.

A spatial acoustic concert series from Scott Arford and Randy Yau. This site is home to the manifesto that accompanies performances where Arford and Yau do sound sweeps of a room and compose a piece specifically to excite the structure. Hands down some of the most intense performances I have ever witnessed, yet elegantly simple, and doesn't depend on volume to create its affect.

Site of the San Francisco based software company developing the Max/MSP and Jitter multimedia applications. I'm so grateful for the work that they do. They just released exciting new physics objects (patches using physics to model sound and images) and employ some of California's finest artists and thinkers: Joshua Kit Clayton, Andrew Benson, Les Stuck, Tom Hall, to name a few...

The Jogging
This is a blog my friend Spencer Longo (@chinesewifi) contributes to (along with many other people) where amongst other things they generate hypothetical sculptures using a variety of tools. They update the site so frequently with gorgeous looking images, it's almost as if they have managed to give form and visual identity to the kind of impulses many people satisfy with tweets. Totally real-time inspiration.

GAFFTA is a local San Francisco organisation that runs a lot of programs at the intersection of arts and technology. They hold affordable coding classes, run performances, hacks and talks, and partner with the city and larger web companies on some pretty cool projects. What I think is special about San Francisco is that we are rubbing elbows with the people making the biggest technological decisions of our time, and hopefully some more artful-mindedness will rub off on them as a result of these kind of initiatives.

Reza Negarestani
This is Iranian writer Reza Negarestani's blog. I was so absorbed by the central ideas in his novel Cyclonopedia, and always look forward to seeing what he is up to. It's really rare that you get to collaborate with someone who is so conceptually mature, and yet gracious and dexterous enough to try to translate some very dense material to the project at hand.

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