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Kemper Norton's pick of the web

December 2012

Follow Kemper Norton's choice picks of the web. Norton is featured in Matthew Ingram's article on West Country electronic music makers in The Wire 346.

When I moved to Cornwall from the Middle East at the age of nine, Britain felt like a cold, terrifying and terrified place… Threads, which I remember watching when it was broadcast as part of the 40th anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, caught these feelings perfectly.

The Flora Faddy Furry Dance Day
Celebrations in Helston, Cornwall, from the pagan fertility dances of Flora Day to the Spingo (local homebrew) fuelled and LSD tinged rural nightmare that was Helston Music Fayre, were major rites of passage throughout my early years. They changed my brain.

The Blake Archive
William Blake is impossible for me not to mention – especially for his poetry, visual art and attitude towards the transcendent power of the imagination. I discovered him while at university (as so many others have), and he has remained a constant, occasionally hectoring presence.

Mainly Norfolk: English Folk And Other Good Music
Lyrics, history, and information about a wide range of English folk music and musicians which I came across when investigating the work of Shirley Collins, The Copper Family, Anne Briggs and many others. It was my starting point for what I’m sure will be at least a lifetime’s worth of exploration of music, culture, history and folklore.

The Outer Church
A unique portal into the uncanny, Joseph Stannard’s The Outer Church club gave me the chance to play alongside and be introduced to inspirational artists and collectives such as Alexander Tucker, Position Normal, Broken20, Mordant Music, Sone Institute, Pye Corner Audio, Raime and far too many others to mention. Their blog includes exclusive interviews and mixes from a wide range of musicians, writers and artists and continues to educate and occasionally terrify.

Warren Ellis
Terrific British author, graphic novelist and Internet Jesus. Visits here always uncover something of interest in the fields of (among others) art, music, modern technologies, psychogeography, and pork recipes. I owe him a pint.

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