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October 2008

Pretty Goes With Pretty

"Scott Tennant not only writes wonderfully intelligent things about independent pop music and the culture that surrounds it, but he is honest and personal, and always questioning the motives the record industry. good stuff."

Excavated Shellac

"Jon Ward's Excavated Shellac focuses on ethnic music on 78's. He's one of the smartest obsessive record collectors I know, and the stuff he posts I would gladly pay to download. New disc every Monday, and it is always stuff you would never hear anywhere else, nothing here on CD. This is the rarest of the rare and the best of the best. Stellar!"

Ampersand Etcetera

"Jeremy Keens is an Australian writer who covers much of the kind of music that The Wire covers, but generally under-noticed things that haven't yet made it to the big time. He's an incredible listener and his reviews are wonderfully detailed. And he's a darn nice human too."

Modern Art Notes

"Tyler Greene's contemporary art blog covers the gamut of contemporary art culture with sincerity, seriousness, questioning - and with none of the trendiness of the bulk of art magazines and their sites. the posts are lengthy and worth the read."

Boogie Woogie Flu

"Photographer and music hound Ted Barron's blog that features a lot of R&B, Blues, and early Rock and Roll, with lengthy music geek goodness and real down home stories. This sucker is the real deal."

The Art Of Memory

"A blog devoted to mostly film and music, mostly melancholy and mostly black and white, and absolutely obsessive with images and lists and goodness..."


"Beautiful quotes from poetry and late 19th century photography, books, science images, etc. A labor of love or as Kirsten says "Shadow-Stitching Still Life's Concerning Art, Literature, Sound, Science, Nature and the Unknown..."


"Anything named after a book by Pessoa is okay with me. Disquiet is a mix of new music, electronica, and general sound related weirdness, with plenty of downloads, news, and even images of new sound technology. Should definitely appeal to Wire readers."

A Journey Round My Skull

"If you like old book covers and literature in translation, this kicks butt. The texts are amazing and you will discover authors you never heard of and must find. And I have to say I drool over all the early book covers... One of my favorite blogs."

Colin Sackett

"A great text/concrete poet, beautiful book designs, totally wonderful"

Locust St

"Totally humbling, incredibly thought out, musings centering on a theme, chock full of music and incredible thinking and wandering..."

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