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Portal: The Lake online radio station

April 2015

Copenhagen's experimental online radio station The Lake (The Wire 374) points to some sources of adventurous sound emissions

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This website mixes ambient music from Soundcloud with live police radio, in real-time. Choose between streams from cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Montreal, or special sources such as JFK Airport traffic control and NASA. Sometimes you'll have surrender to the quite cheesy, passive atmosphere of nostalgia, but every once in a while interesting shifts happen between the music and live events. The primary idea of fictionalising live police radio by scoring it with soothing ambient music is thought-provoking in itself. A good example of someething that only online radio can offer.

Shirley & Spinoza Radio
“Radio furthest from the sea...” Broadcasting 24/7 Shirley & Spinoza Radio offers a constant stream of uncanny soundbites, field recordings, archive material and outsider music all in a random, eclectic mix. Go here for a weird, surrealistic fix.

General Booty Of Work
GBOW is a continuously expanding radio work from the hands of Danish artist Hannah Heilmann. It broadcasts once in a while out of the living rooms, kitchens or galleries of Copenhagen. Featuring sound works, performances, rituals, collages and poetry readings, the programming all depends on who is visiting the makeshift studio. The last broadcast was in 3D sound. All episodes are available online (though some shows are in Danish).

Kchung Radio
This is an artist-run radio station broadcasting out of Chinatown, Los Angeles. Kchung Radio has become a platform for the extracurricular projects of painters, sculptors and performance artists, and its growing online archive is a window into the fast moving LA art scene. I suspect sometimes there are more people behind the microphone than actually listening, but hey, radio is about broadcasting, not just listeners!

Huygens Fokker Radio
A 1990s-looking online radio station that only plays Dutch microtonal music non-stop! The music is primarily played on the beautiful and very advanced Fokker organ so this is an opportunity to give focus to your Fokker organ fetish, or develop one. As simple as online radio can be.
This is the goldmine you thought didn't exist. An online archive for audio recordings of broadcasts from the legendary KPFA Radio in San Francisco, dating back to 1945. It features interviews and live recordings with some of the most influential composers of our time, including Harry Partch, Brian Eno, John Cage and Laurie Anderson. One of the single most important archives on modern experimental music and it's all free for us to listen to, thanks to KPFA's music director, Charles Amirkhanian and his Other Minds Music Festival.

Wide-band WebSDR
Our final recommendation is actually just radio space. On this page you can control a short-wave receiver located at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. This may not sound like much, but it leaves you with the opportunity to carefully listen to the rich sound of the ether or to tune in to Chinese local radio. A shortwave receiver actually works a bit like a synthesizer, so if you open several browser tabs at the same time, you have a full functioning drone orchestra at your hands.

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