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November 2008

World Changing

"I check this daily. It's an important source for positive looking developments in alternative energy, water treatment, disease prevention, rights issues, recycling and a host of other issues vital to the future of our species and making a minimal impact on our planet. These essays are inspiring in a time of particular disgrace for my country (the U.S.) and the capitalist world in general."

Electronics Shops

"I use these sites on a weekly basis. I buy most of my electronics parts, from microprocessors to speakers, buttons, switches, and wire, from these places online. Radio Shack is important and it's a wonder how they are still around, but when you want more reasonable prices and a wide array of parts, check these out. My work wouldn't exist without them. Look for the RoHS symbol indicating lead-free parts."

Internet Archive

"I generally check this site every month or so. Besides other public domain content, the site offers the ability to view cached pages from the early days of the internet, an important treasure of otherwise ephemeral and fleeting data, past and present and for the future."

Barack Obama

"I check out this site every few days. If you're an American and get this issue in your hands before the November 4th elections, please consider donating to Obama's campaign, and even more important, please remember to vote. As bad as America's position in the world is now, we still have a lot to lose in a McCain presidency."

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