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Issue 100

June 1992

Now's The Time
All news plus our history and Chad Wackerman

Steve Lacy
The soprano sovereign speaks to Richard Scott

Kevin Eubanks
Guitar stuff with Laura Connelly

Bobby Previte
From Moscow to the Lower East Side with Stuart Nicholson

Layperson's Guide to Metal
Your host with sword and sandal: Ben Thompson

Mike Zwerin
Our erstwhile columnist returns

The Top 100
merely the most important records ever made - called by us!

This month's top offer

Unsung Heroes
Some of the big cats we never got around to in our first 99

David Sanborn
Nick Coleman greets the alto wiz

What they said - our favourite words

Including Martin Williams RIP

The 100 Crossword
Compiled by Chris 'Nibs' Parker

Another whopping review section

The T Shirt
This year's model - get wrapped up now!

The Write Place
Readers give us a big hello