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Issue 122

April 1994

Tony Thorpe
Kodwo Eshun takes a journey into dubland with UK Techno's Invisible Man

Archie Shepp
A giant of black music talks to Kodwo Eshun about free jazz, psychodramas and cosmic spirits

Disco Inferno
Rob Young is in £D heaven with the East London pop terrorists

Mexico City Rockers
Chuck Eddy goes south of the border the birthplace and future of rock 'n' roll

Tim Buckley
Ian Penman surrenders to the sound of the greatest singer-songwriter of them all

Mick Karn
The ex-Japan bassist gets into a bestial cluster with Louise Gray

Derek Bailey
David Toop spends some time in the company of the Samuel Beckett of Improvised Music

Music In The 21st Century: Multimedia
Tony Herrington and David Toop interact with Peter Gabriel, Todd Rundgren, Rhythm King and Hex

Invisible Jukebox: Steve Albini
Jakubowski puts the world's most eligible producer to the test