The Wire


Issue 123

May 1994

Branford Marsalis
The renegade sax man mouths off to Laura Connelly

Tim Brady
Brian Morton meets a Canadian prophet of avant guitar noise

Mark Anthony Turnage
Nick Kimberley tells the stellar UK composer to mind his language

A-Z Of Dub
David Toop reveals the mysteries of the echo chamber, the sound clash and the one drop

Sonic Youth
Jakubowski hangs out with the experimental jet setters

The Ambient Rock Pool
Simon Reynolds has seen the future of rock 'n' roll; and it's virtual

Nick Cave
The original bad seed tells Robert Yates to let love in

Youssou N'Dour
Jo Shinner meets a giant of West African music

Harry Partch
Joel Lewis reports from New York on the resurrection of an American music legend

Invisible Jukebox: June Tabor
Dave Morrison puts the golden voice of English folk to the test