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Issue 128

October 1994

Peter Hammill
Richard Cook gets personal with an art rock original

Towering Inferno
Dave Morrison enetrs a multimedia armageddon

Richard H Kirk
Tony Herrington meets the Cabaret Voltaire survivor

Radio Libres!
Sylvestre Balazard tunes in to Paris's pirate airwaves

Christian Marclay/John Oswald
Mark Sinker and Ed Baxter discover the art of deconstructive sampling

Trans-Global Underground
Rob Young takes a trip with the World Music refuseniks

On-U Sound
Ben Watson meets dub's rebels without a pause

Incredibly Strange Muzak
David Toop and Laura Connelly go in search of music's exotic past

Letter From... Costa Rica
Rahma Khazam discovers a reggae stronghold in Central America

Invisible Jukebox: Ryuichi Sakamoto
Mark Sinker tests the knowledge of the Japanese technocrat