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Issue 139

September 1995

Steve Williamson
Will Montgomery keeps time with the born again saxophonist

Phil England enters the twilight world of the Industrial culture legends

Hans Peter Kuhn
Robert Clark meditates on organised noise with the German sound designer

George Clinton
Ben Watson trades shaggy dog stories with the P-Funk conspiracy theorist

Electronic Music Pioneers
Mark Sinker travels back in time to the dawn of electronic instruments

Brian Eno
Paul Schütze goes head to head with the Ambient world's very own Renaissance Man

Martin Rev
Edwin Pouncey makes a Suicide pact on the phone to New York

Beijing Rockers
Steve Schwankert takes the long march through China's rock 'n' roll underground

Global Ear: San Francisco
Paying homage at the church of St John Coltrane

David Toop
A brief history of sampling