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Issue 140

October 1995

180 Degrees
Your track-by-track guide to this month's free Mute CD

Chris sharp mixes a kitsch cocktail with pop's playful subversives

Melvin Van Peebles
Hanspeter Kuenzler reinvents black music with the ghetto statesmen

John Surman
Stuart Nicholson traces the musical odyssey of an English original

Derrick May
Desmond Hill meets an urban pioneer of sonic science fiction

Unnatural Highs
Biba Kopf ascends to heaven with a choir of countertenor singers

Jah Wobble
peter Shapiro talks yings, hangs and low end theories with the bass raider

Ornette Coleman
Howard Mandel is granted an audience with the high priest of harmolodics

Mick Harvey
Louise Gray discusses the sex life of Serge Gainsbourg with a Bad Seed

In the Ambient world, war has broken out...

Sounding Off
Live events, happenings, music on TV and radio in October

NON, Dirty Three, Ntshuks Bonga, Jocelyn Pook, Ascension

Global Ear: Sydney
peter Jordan hears music on the other side of the world

Playlists from the outer reaches of planet sound

And blag a FREE copy of Music By Ry Cooder

David Toop
Does sex belong in music?

October's CDs and albums - reviewed, revered, reviled

Print Run
new music books: rewriting blues history, a flawed pop encyclopedia, Braxton feted

Entering the subterranean world of Robert Wilson and Hans Peter Kuhn