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Issue 145

March 1996

A guide to all the music featured on this month's free cover CD

Global Ear: Marrakesh
Hitting the trance music trail in the deserts of North Africa

A-Z Of Electro
Your bodypoppin' guide to all the music that mixed up techno-pop, cartoon sci-fi and video games, and shot the funk into space. By David 'Chilly' Toop.

Sonic Boom
From Spaceman 3 to EAR, Pete Kember (aka Sonic Boom) has produced some of the most drug-addled, wigged-out psychedelia yet. By Edwin Pouncey

Thomas Köner
Wrap up warm and enter the Antarctic chill-out zone with Germany's frost-bitten explorer of ice age electronics. By Biba Kopf

Q: how do you reinvent rock? A: move to Chicago, form a group called Tortoise, buy some weird instruments, listen to King Tubby, and watch the world fall at your feet. By Rob Young

John McLaughlin
Once the spaced-out speed-king of cosmic 70's fusion, guitarist John McLaughlin is now finding new friends in TripHop and drum 'n' bass. By Paul Stump

With chainsaws, helicopters and exploding TV's, the industrial guerillas of Krautrock are still laying seige to the citadels of pop. Mike Barnes meets a world class wrecking crew.

Les Baxter
The King of Exotic Easy Listening, Les Baxter's records conjured weird emotions in the minds of suburban baby boomers the world over. David Toop hails music's first virtual tourist.

Invisible Jukebox: Mixmaster Morris
Mike Barnes discusses Coldcut, Can, The Shamen, This Heat and more with the Ambient guru.