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Issue 181

March 1999

Shiv Kumar Sharma Santoor guide Fennesz Proxy guitarist Dorgon C-melody mythmaker

Undercurrents 3: Music of the Spheres
A series uncovering the hidden wiring of contemporary music. Rob Young reports on the 20th century war on Pythagorean tuning, as started by Schoenberg and continued by Xenakis, Harry Partch and Tony Conrad

Pan Sonic
The Finnish duo's take on Techno has become more abstract since they relocated to Barcelona. But Will montgomery discovers surprising affinities between their music and the Catalan city's streets

Invisible Jukebox: Kevin Shields
Surfacing for the first time in eight years, My Bloody Valentine's last surviving member listens to tracks by Musica Transonic, Blind Willie Johnson, Derek Bailey, The Dead C and more. Tested David Keenan

Nick Cave
In a rare, revealing interview, Old Nick takes David Keenan down the path that leads from the break up of The Birthday Party to the pitchblack murder ballads of the Bad Seeds and beyond

Joe Morris
Jazz is the teacher and the preacher for the Boston guitarist whose life in music began at a school for troubled teenagers. Today, his abrasive plucking still pours scorn on the academy. By Jon C Morgan

Maryanne Amacher
The best kept secret in American New Music is a sound artist whose city-to-city installations have tested extremes of volume and duration, while training listeners how to grow a third ear. Appreciation by Alan Licht

The Primer: Ornette Coleman
The Wire guide to the music of the man who boldly announced The Shape Of Jazz To Come, and then fitted it to his vision of harmolodic freedom. By Barry Witherden