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Issue 188

October 1999

The High Llamas Life without Brian Walter Marchetti Electroacoustic absurdity Kit Clayton Where's the crack? Eardrum Talking drums

Invisible Jukebox: Terry Riley
The grandmaster of minimalism enters our mysterious listening booth to hear tracks by the Everly Brothers, Richard maxfield, Terre Thaemlitz, Marta Sebeysten and more. Tested by Richard Henderson

Peter Brotzmann
Soaked in the revolutionary spirit of Europe's 60s avant garde, the world's loudest saxophonist is still manning the barricades in defense of artistic integrity and musical intensity. By Jon C Morgan

Undercurrents 10: Circuit Breakers
A series of articles uncovering the hidden wiring of 20th century music. This month, Christoph Cox enters the electric theatre of the absurd with David Tudor, Sonic Arts Union, MEV and more

Mickey Hart
Drawing on a unique combination of scholarship and celebrity, the former Grateful Dead drummer is on an emergency mission to save the world's endangered musics from extinction. By Richard Henderson

Mouse On Mars
Jan St Werner and Andi Toma are two of the brightest lights in Cologne's kaleidoscope electronic music scene, defining and refining a patented brand of politicised electro-funk. By Rob Young