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Issue 197

July 2000

Reynols Stop making sense Toshimaru Nakamura Hot desking Petr Kotik Cage's Czech mate

23 Skidoo
Releasing their first new album in 16 years, London's rhythm savages are set to reclaim the post-Industrial ethnofunk high ground from Body Shoppers, New Agers and Fourth World fusionists. By David Stubbs

Oral Pleasure
Anti-Pop Consortium, Mike Ladd, Ozone Entertainment, Sonic Sum and Dose One are remaking vocal HipHop as therapy, art space and playground for fantasy - but not the livin' large variety. By Peter Shapiro

William Hooker
ith the drum as his teacher and spirit guide, Hooker has become one of the busiest musicians inside NYC's new free zone, where ecstatic jazz collides with New Music, rock noise and turntablism. David Keenan

Tangents: The Solar Myth Approach
In the first of a new bi-monthly series, Ken Hollings takes an oblique look at the recurrent manifestations of extraterrestrial origins in the music of Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Parliament and Hawkwind

Invisible Jukebox: Kim Gordon
Sonic Youth's very own Free Kitten takes the expressway to the mystery listening booth, including tracks by Christian Marclay, Yoko Ono, Minutemen, The Byrds, Brigitte Fontaine and more. Tested by Rob Young