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Issue 202

December 2000

Zakir Hussain
In Shakti, the West Coast based percussion virtuoso established the tabla as a frontline solo instrument. Now he's conducting East-West summits with Mickey Hart, Talvin Singh, Bill Laswell and more. By Richard Henderson

Christian Wolff
The last surviving composer of John Cage's 'New York School' has explored the radical implications of silence, indeterminacy

Led by ex-June Of 44 percussionist and drummer Doug Scharin, Chicago's HIM are reconfiguring math and alt-rock's equations as a startling, fluid new rhythmic chemistry. By Mike Barnes

Invisible Jukebox: Otomo Yoshihide
The Japanese turntablist and jazz kissa connoisseur tries to identify tracks by Derek Bailey, Boredoms, Bob James Trio, Philip Jeck, Taj Mahal Travellers and others. Tested by Mike Barnes

Primer: British Folk
A user's guide to the contradictions of British folk in an age when archivists threatened 'the tradition' extended by Incredible String Band, Shirley Collins, Fairport Convention and more. By Ed Baxter

Rob Ellis
Bill Wells
Roger Turner
Global Ear
Print Run
Cross Platform
On Location