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Issue 206

April 2001

John Cale
As more unreleased tapes finally surface, Cale spools back to his pre-Velvets experiences with New York's avant garde scene, revealing the secret behind the most influential group in rock. By Edwin Pouncey

Primer: Early Minimalism
A user's guide to the pioneers of postwar drone, phase shift, high concept and systems mantra, including La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Charlemagne Palestine and more. By Brian Duguid

Tom Zé
In Saõ Paolo, the unsung maverick of Brazilian Tropicalismo unveils his cabinet of curiosities. By Paul Sullivan

Keith Rowe
The undisputed master of harsh guitar Improv mediates on his experiences with AMM, Cornelius Cardew and Mimeo, and explains why he loves to do it on the table. By Dan Warburton

Björk's favourite electronica duo administer perverted science and laser guided melodies. By Jim Haynes

Invisible Jukebox: Richard Norris
With a CV that includes Bam Caruso and Jack The Tab, The Grid and Ammo City's online radio, here is a suitable case for entering our brainfrying blindfold listening booth. Tested by Rob Young

2nd Gen
Electronic artist Wajid Naseen tells Ben Borthwick a thing or two about inspiration

The Brooklyn Afrobeat ensemble draw from Fela's legacy and apply it to their expression of polyglot New York. By Hua Hsu

John Fahey RIP
The great guitarist died in February in Salem, Oregon from complications following open heart surgery. He was one week short of his 62nd birthday. Tribute by Lee Ranaldo

Paul Plimley
The Canadian pianist has extended beyond the shadow of his mentors to build his own original and highly inventive body of work. By Greg Buium

Global Ear
San Diego: How Trummerflora Collective are trafficking in free Improv across the Mexi-Cali border. Report by Ejival

Having breathlessly chased after Robert Wyatt, Damon Krukowski explains how his hero's example now helps his music to grow older with grace

Print Run
This Is Serbia Calling, by Matthew Collin; Turning Corners: The Life And Music Of Leroy Jenkins, by Carl E Baugher; The Art Pepper Companion: Writings On A Jazz Original, edited by Todd Selbert; Urban Spacemen And Wayfaring Strangers - Overlooked Innovators And Eccentric Visionaries Of 60s Rock, by Richie Unterberger; We Owe You Nothing: Punk Planet - The Collected Interviews, edited by Daniel Sinker

Ether Talk
San Francisco's MoMA's 010101 expo is spearheading the growth of online art happenings. Words: Seeta Peña Gangadharan

On Location
Sound On Film, London Barbican, UK; Icebreaker International, London Cargo, UK; When Worlds Collide, Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, UK; Derek Bailey & Konk Pack, London October Gallery, UK; Fussible & Bostich, London Cargo, UK; Activating The Medium, San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art, USA