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Issue 212

October 2001

Kid 606
Oakland's hyperactive electronica whizz Miguel Depedro is a one man tiger economy, pumping out words almost as fast as he cranks out his giddy laptop beatnoise. Just don't call it ephemeral, he tells Peter Shapiro

Primer: Wu-Tang Clan
An initiate's guide to one of HipHop's biggest enigmas: the mixillogical swordplay and Confucian lyricism of The RZA, Genius, Raekwon, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah, Method Man and more. By Sasha Frere-Jones

Christina Kubisch
The Berlin based sound installer has traversed a diverse route through conceptual art, avant garde performance and ecological headgames that plunge the listener into the heart of the artwork. By Rahma Khazam

Invisible Jukebox: Richie Hawtin
Aka Plastikman, the Canada based Techno minimalist attempts to pin down tracks by Mike Ink, Herbie Hancock, Baby Ford, Tony Conrad, Morton Feldman, Front 242, Autechre and more. Tested by Liz Copeland

Techno Animal
British beat-bludgeoning duo Justin Broadwick and Kevin Martin's ten year assault on sonic decency has resulted in a new brotherhood featuring the cream of American underground rappers. By David Keenan

Henry Flynt
The radical country fiddle technique of this pioneering American spirit has gone unheard of for 20 years. Now two CDs finally make public his previously forgotten strand of avant garde hillbilly fusion. By Marcus Boon

Oneness of Juju
Chris Menist explores the African rhythms that make us dance and clap our hands with the American Afro-jazz group.

William Winant
The Oakland percussionist is set to nail Most Valuable Player in the American New Music scene, thinks Richard Henderson

Ekkehard Ehlers
Philip Sherburne meets the German recontextualist firing up glitch

The Israeli saxophonist distils post-bop with Jewish cultural tradition. By Julian Cowley

Global Ear
Joseph Ghosn hears the sound of DIY emanating from Beirut

Clive Bell narrowly escapes joining Henry Cow

In Print
The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs & Corso In Paris, 1957-1963, by Barry Miles; Works 1965-2000 by Dan Graham; Like Young: Jazz And Pop, Youth And Middle Age, by Francis Davis; The Graffiti Subculture: Youth Masculinity And Identity In London And New York, by Nancy MacDonald; Bananafish 15; Selected Works: 1990-2000, by Achim Wollscheid; Where Dead Voices Gather, by Nick Tosches

Ether Talk
The interactive software of Jennifer and Kevin McCoy shows how it's possible to have an artistic social life online. By Anthony Huberman

On Location
Björk, London St John's Smith Square, UK; Beyond The Pale Festival, San Francisco Great American Music Hall, USA; Ars Electronica, Linz Various Venues, Austria; Boubacar Traore, Berkeley Ashkenaz, USA;