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Issue 223

September 2002

Yamataka Eye and Yoshimi P-We's 16 year old avant institution has a new lease of life. They tell Edwin Pouncey how they've streamlined their anarchic punk into a disciplined percussion frenzy... by turning the group into a turntable

Atom Heart
Call him Señor Coconut, Geeez 'N' Gosh, Lassigue Bendthaus or a dozen other names: Uwe Schmidt's Rather Interesting electronica empire is putting flesh on the bones of Kraftwerk's robotic models. By Ken Hollings

Invisible Jukebox: Charlemagne Palestine
Will tracks by Morton Subotnick, La Monte Young, Kraftwerk, Jon Hassell, Terry Riley, Diamanda Galas, Suicide, Hermann Nitsch and more ring any bells with minimalism's unalloyed genius? Louise Gray finds out

Primer: Miami Bass
A user's guide to the sub-bass booms, booty bumps, low end theries and quad-ditties of South Florida's Techno children including Luke Skyywalker, T La Rock & Jazzy Jay, DJ Magic Mike, Master Ace and more. By Dave Tompkins

Yasunao Tone
Following his paramedia assaults on Japanese street life via collaborations with Merce Cunningham and Yoko Ono, this prizewinning former Fluxus artist is carving up the digital domain with his wounded CDs. By Alan Licht

Earle Brown
The founding father of the 'New York School' of avant garde composition died in July this year. David Ryan pays tribute to an often overlooked pioneer of chance operations, graphic scores and beyond

DJ Cheb i Sabbah
Richard Henderson gets down with the Bay Area DJ and his worldly take on trance music

The HipHop producer tells Philip Sherburne tall tales from the Midwest; growing up on streetcorner battles and classic rock.

Clarence Barlow
The Calcutta-born composer claims delight in playing havoc with the rules and derives great pleasure in annoying the narrow-minded. By Philip Clark

Global Ear
Don Watson travels deep inside Russia's Volga Basin to eavesdrop on the region's new electronica scene

In 1969, Mike Westbrook's large scale anti-war music provided the rallying flag for the UK's massing free jazz ranks. By John Cratchley

Print Run
A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of The Grateful Dead, by Dennis McNally; Can't Be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters, by Robert Gordon; Perry Robinson: The Traveler, Perry Robinson & Florence Wetzel; Digitopia Blues: Race, Technology, And The American Voice, by John Sobol; Between Montmartre And The Mudd Club: Popular Music And The Avant-Garde, by Bernard Gendron

Cross Platform
Philip Sherburne meets Jonathan Bepler, the man charged with the task of soundtracking Matthew Barney's epic Cremaster film cycle, which contains some of the most challenging and arresting images of American art cinema
Plus: Reviews of DVDs of: The Final Academy Documents; SFT

On Location
Ladyfest London 2002, London Garage, UK; Koneisto Festival, Helsinki Various Venues, Finland; N*E*R*D, London Shepherd's Bush EMpire, UK; Children of Agharta, New York Village Underground, USA; Zappanale #13, Bad Doberan Galoprennbahn & Kamp Theater, Germany; What Is Music 2002, Sydney Various Venues, Australia