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Issue 229

March 2003

They may have signed a pact with the Mephistophelean record industry, but the Neanderthals of Krautrock never stopped shaking their fists. David Keenan charts the group's journey to combat boredom with "all known sounds"

Steve Roden
Since gearing down from punk rock to what he tems 'lower case sound' the Californian multi-disciplinary artist has been tracing the contours of an expressionist, non-narrative sound. By Christoph Cox

Heiner Goebbels
From early days in Prog Improv group Cassiber to today's multimedia theatre works, the German composer/ improvisor has spent 25 years making politically engaged music across barriers. By Nicholas Till

Paul Dolden
Fiendishly complex and travelling faster than the speed of thought, this Canadian electronic composer's studio creations, such as L'Ivresse De La Vitesse, have been remastered with devastating results. By John Keillor

Joe McPhee
From his base in upstate New York, the horn player has used extended techniques and the philosophy of Deep Listening to expand the language of his instruments while keeping Ayler's flame alive. By Andy Hamilton

Invisible Jukebox: David Toop
The London based musician/ writer/ curator is set adrift on an ocean of sound trying to identify tracks by Tom Jobim, Cybotron, Ikue Mori, Steven Feld, Watazumido Doso and more. Tested by Tony Herrington

Black Dice
David Keenan takes his chances with the Brooklyn-based quartet that went from hardcore to odd and euphoric

Maja Ratkje
Norway's young composer tells Anne Hilde Neset about life in the noise fast lane

Martin Siewart
Rob Young signs up to listen to the art-activism and 'unprepared music' of the Germanic guitarist

Daphne Oram RIP
Sophie Fuller pays tribute to the midwife of English electronic music

Global Ear
Jonathan Curiel journeys to Mali's Festival Of The Desert

Greg Tate reaches rare heights with saxophonist David Murray in a New York loft

Print Run
Improvised Music From Japan, edited by Yoshiyuki Suzuki; Glass: A Portrait, by Robert Maycock; Rock Over The Edge: Transformations in Popular Music Culture, edited by Roger Beebee, Denise Fulbrook, Ben Saunders

Cross Platform
Will Montgomery talks to Ryoji Ikeda about his new DVD, and hears why this Japanese minimalist prefers to hold concerts in total darkness
Plus: Reviews of: International Necronautical Society: Second First Commitee Hearings: Transmission, Death, Technology; Fascination: The Bowie Show; and DVDs by: Cabaret Voltaire; Chris Morris.

On Location
Arthur Lee & Love, London Royal Festival Hall; Loose Fur, New York St Ann's Warehouse; Spring Heel Jack, Birmingham Medicine Bar, UK; A Night Of Joy And Music For Peter Kowald, Frankfurt Mouson Tower, Germany; Brian Ferneyhough at 60, Durham Elvet Methodist Church, UK