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Issue 237

November 2003

Aphex Twin
David Stubbs meets Richard James and his Rephlex partners on the eve of the label's 12th birthday tour

Invisible Jukebox: Christian Marclay
The turntablist listens to Rhys Chatham, Philip Jeck, Yasunao Tone et al. Tested by Rob Young and Anne Hilde Neset

Taku Sugimoto
The Tokyo guitarist continues to reconfigure silence in his quest for new ways of hearing the world. By Clive Bell

Primer: Spectral Music
Andy Hamilton steps into the altered harmonic dimensions and numinous sonorities of European spectralism

Gloria Coates
Philip Clark meets the expatriate American composer whose glissandi defy 12 tone orthodoxy

Burning Man
Mark Pilkington investigates strange rumblings at the annual Techno trance out in the Nevada desert

Marc Masters gets to grips with the gravitational pull of the Seattle monolith.

Erik Friedlander
Steve Smith talks to the New York cellist about improv, French poetry and going solo.

Tim Hecker
Marcus Boon drops a line for some fish stories from Montréal's electronic musician.

Global Ear
Daniel Bird on the sound of ancient Greece being reinvented in Gardzienice, Poland

How Run DMC taught Norwegian teenager Anne Hilde Neset to walk her own way

Print Run
Stagolee Shot Billy, by Cecil Brown; Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003, Matt Groening (Guest Editor) & Paul Bresnick (Series Editor); Postmodern Music/ Postmodern Thought, edited by Judy Lochhead & Joseph Auner; Who Takes a Feather, Tara Jane O'Neil; Boulez On Conducting: Conversations With Cecil Gilly, by Pierre Boulez

Cross Platform
Artist, composer and improvisor Will Menter sculpts wood, water and slate in harmony with forests and caves. By Clive Bell
Plus: Reviews of Brion Gysin: Tuning Into the Multimedia Age; Jandek on Corwood; Rechenzentrum; Sampler 3: Radical Album Cover Art; And Jon Wozencroft's Inner Sleeve featuring AC Marias

On Location
Adventures in Modern Music Festival, Chicago Empty Bottle; London Musician's Collective 12th Annual Festival, London The Place; High Zero Festival, Baltimore Theater Project; Phill Niblock's 70th Birthday Party, New York Tonic; Red Krayola + Maher Shalal Hash Baz + The Curtains, Silverlake Spaceland, USA; Les Musiciens Du Son, Paris Glaz'Art; Hecker/ Haswell/ Pita/ Hiaz, Birmingham Custard Factory