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Issue 238

December 2003

Sound sculptor and electro-minimalist Carsten Nicolai tells Ben Borthwick about the art of number crunching

Invisible Jukebox: Will Oldham
The Bonny Prince of Louisville tries to master everyone from Squirrelbait to Johnny Cash. Tested by Anne Hilde Neset

Post-Industrial percussionist continues to hack music's hidden codes from his new London base. By Ken Hollings

'Blue' Gene Tyranny
Julian Cowley hears about transforming the piano from an unsung hero of New York's experimental scene

Luigi Russolo
The author of the Futurist Art of Noises was the architecht of 21st century aesthetics. Gary Lachman tells his story

Wolf Eyes
Ann Arbor's trash 'n' burn electronic rock trio tap into The Stooges nihilistic energy. By George Chen

Jim Haynes investigates the mystery and accompanying drama around Italy's Larsen

The Los Angeles hip hop family tree and nourished by The Weather. By Mosi Reeves

Ergo Phizmiz
A former child prodigy turned stand-up comedian turned prolific one-man movement keeps on moving. By Ed Baxter

Global Ear
In Sacramento, a noise festival tries to drown out the trumpeting of Arnie's election campaign. By Cameron MacDonald

How Manchester gloom-mongers The Passage turned Nicholas Royle into a writer

Print Run
Are We Not Men? We Are Devo! by Jade Dellinger & David Giffels; The People's Music: Selected Journalism, by Ian MacDonald; Turn On Your Mind, by Jim Derogatis; Got a Revolution! The Turbulent Flight of Jefferson Airplane, by Jeff Tamarkin; Seeking the Soul; The Music of Alfred Schnittke, edited by George Odam

Cross Platform
David Stubbs ponders the proximity between art and advertising in music videos by Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze
Plus: Reviews of Argosfestival 2003: Politics of Noise, Brussels Recyclart; Christian Boltanski/ Jean kkalman/ Franck Krawczyk: O Mensch!, Paris Point P; and DVDs by Stan Brakhage; Can. And Savage Pencil's Inner Sleeve featuring The Mothers of Invention

On Location
De Stijl/ Freedom From Festival of Music, Minneapolis Fine Line, USA; Deaf: Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, Dublin Guinness Storehouse; Kill Your Timid Notion, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland; Dissonanze, Rome Macro & Chiostro del Bramante; Rome Wasn't Burned in a Day, London Lyric Theatre; Melt-Banana, Birmingham Medicine Bar; Electric City Festival, Vancouver various venues