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Issue 249

November 2004

Wolf Eyes
The noise-crazed feral trio hotwire Metal, hardcore and electronics to jumpstart the US underground. By Alan Licht

Albert Ayler
Trombonist Roswell Rudd recalls his New York encounters with the man in the green leather suit. By Val Wilmer

Alvin Curran
How the composer and MEV improvisor squares his egalitarian dreams with musical megalomania. By Phil England

Matthew Bower
David Keenan finds the sting in the tail of the bissful soundworlds of the Skullflower/ Sunroof!/ Hototogisu guitarist

Invisible Jukebox: Simon McBurney
Complicité's theatre visionary on Tom Waits, Georgian choirs, Japanese shamisen and more. Tested by Clive Bell

John Butcher
David Keenan discussed the life of small sounds with the London sax improvisor

Paolo Angeli
The Sardinian prepared-guitar virtuoso roots his mongrel experiments in tradition. By Brian Morton

Thomas Ankersmit
Rhama Khazam maps the Berlin-based Dutch saxophonist's route from electronic abuse to sound art

Global Ear
Eric Smillie hears how Slovakia's capital Bratislava became the European Detroit

Matthew Colin witnesses B92 Radio's roar of resistance to Slobodan Milosevic in mid-90s Belgrade

Print Run
Suicide: No Compromise, by David Nobakht; Crossfade: A Big Chill Anthology, edited by Pete Lawrence & Vicki Howard; Hello, Hello Brazil: Popular Music In The Making Of Modern Brazil, by Bryan McCann; Sonny Rollins: The Cutting Edge, by Richard Palmer.

Cross Platform
The San Francisco sound designer, sci-fi buff and Sagan founder, Blevin Blectum, explains why her new music is strictly for the birds. By Anne Hilde Neset
Plus: reviews of DVDs by Cabaret Voltaire, The Residents, Wire, Robin Fox, The Dead Texan, Sublime Frequencies, Sagan and Wordsound, plus an Akio Suzuki installation. Plus Tom Recchion's Inner Sleeve featuring Dan Graham On Devo's 'Satisfaction' single

On Location
The Adventures in Modern Music Festival in Chicago, plus Night of the Unexpected in Amsterdam, Mopomoso in London, Harold Budd in LA and the Talos Festival in Italy.