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Issue 252

February 2005

Anthony Braxton
The grandmaster's apocalyptic new music is informed by a panoramic take on ancient civilisations. By Brian Morton

Invisible Jukebox: The Soft Pink Truth
Drew Daniel breaks his balls over tracks by Coil, Gryphon, Machine, MDC and more. Tested by Anne Hilde Neset

Mike Ladd
An American rapper in Paris on his new album's investigations of a black and white world. By Peter Shapiro

A User's Guide to Subterranean Metal
Edwin Pouncey immerses himself in the deadly slow but powerful currents of Earth, Sunn 0))), Sleep, Ulver and more

Gang Gang Dance
New York's shit hottest spontaneous rock quartet discuss the art of revival with Marc Masters

Hugh Davies
David Toop mourns the loss of the British improvisor and instrument builder who died on New Year's Day

Dylan Nyoukis
Decaer Pinga aka Prick Decay's leader burns a lone candle for Britain's scum/ noise underground. By David Keenan

The Ainu dubmeister reveals the significance of the tonkori for Japan's indigenous north islanders. By Clive Bell

Global Ear
Matthew Collin rocks the cradle of Russian electronica in Kalashnikov's birthplace, Izhevsk

John Corbett loses his virginity to a comedy record by Firesign Theatre

Print Run
The Wilco Book - Wilco & Picture Box, Jazz And Its Discontents by Francis Davis, Ear & Eye: Encounters With World Music by Christoph Wagner (Editor), Everybody Dance: Chic And The Politics Of Disco, by Daryl Easlea.

Cross Platform
Field recordist Toshiya Tsunoda captures the unusual vibrations of everyday spaces. By Jim Haynes
Plus: reviews of Gustav Deutsch, The Ex and Granular Synthesis DVDs, In the Mirror Of Maya Deren video DVD and Christian Marclay's The Sounds Of Christmas. Plus Trevor Jackson's Inner Sleeve

On Location
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Ron Geesin + Hamilton Yarns in Brighton, Progress Ex.04 in Slovenia, Gavin Bryars at London Royal Festival Hall, UK and AMM + Sakho M at London Museum Of Garden History