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Issue 255

May 2005

How Steve Albini, The Ex and a passing US military train helped shape their formidable rock noise. By David Stubbs

Invisible Jukebox: Steve Beresford
The British multi-tasking musician gets a bath of surprise with our mystery record selection. Tested by Phil England

Kali Z Fasteau
Julian Cowley meets a woman embarked on an oceanic musical quest with a raft of free jazz players

With a new album and a bunch of orchestral side projects, Jim Thirlwell's career just changed gear. By Alan Licht

Alex Von Schlippenbach
The veteran free jazz pianist and FMP label founder pays tribute to Thelonious Monk. By David Keenan

Edwin Pouncey buckles down to the car-crash Metal of Japan's heaviest power outfit

Josephine Foster
David Keenan dusts off the singular, poetic songbook of this Chicago outsider

The Complainer
Are you ready to grumble, asks the eccentric founder of Poland's Mik.Musik!. electronica label. By Eric Smillie

Annie Gosfield
Drawing down the moon with the star-mapping soundworld of this innovative New York composer. By Julian Cowley

Global Ear
John Fenn finds Houston has no problem with its underground music scene

Composer and violinist Tony Conrad can't stop the epiphanies flowing during a 40 year career

Print Run
All Yesterday's Parties: The Velvet Underground In Print 1966-70, edited by Clinton Heylin; The Last Miles: The Music Of Miles Davis 1980- 1991, by George Cole; Wired For Sound: Engineering And Technologies In Sonic Cultures, edited by Paul D Greene & Thomas Porcello

Cross Platform
Marco Fusinato - Bruce Russell investigates the work of the performance art prankster and vinyl aficionado.
Plus reviews of Marvin Ayres & Peter Gomes, Faust and Ghost on DVD; Verschwende Deine Jugend on film; dancer Junko Wada and psychedelic posters in print. Plus James Goggin on Ride in The Inner Sleeve, as well as Go To - our monthly Net trawl

On Location
Ether, UK; Christian Marclay & Steve Beresford, UK; Leafcutter John, UK; Tuxedomoon, Spain