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Issue 257

July 2005

Jamie Lidell
How Super Collider's former singer discovered a deeper voice to become the godson of soul. By Rob Young

Ornette Coleman
The veteran saxophonist reveals more hamolodic secrets in a rare interview. By Andy Hamilton

Animal Collective
The blissful sounds of the four fauns of new American music, plus Ariel Pink give Simon Reynolds paws for thought

Invisible Jukebox: Keiji Haino
Rock's dark lord casts himself into the fiery furnace of The Wire's blindfold challenge. Tested by Alan Cummings

Primer: Lone Horns Improv
Solo improvised horns have an existential beauty of their own, finds Brian Morton in this user's guide

Magik Markers
Marc Masters ducks for cover as this Connecticut's knuckledusting free rock trio put up their dukes

The Berlin techno duo reveal the magical equations behind their streamlined sound sculptures. By Keith Moliné

Tony Bevan
Julian Cowley picks up signals from the British Improv saxophonist's electroacoustic foghorn fusion

Global Ear
Yelena Chernova reports from an electrified Kiev on the sound of the Ukraine underground

Nick Southgate learns to Cope by worshipping at the temple of Saint Julian

Print Run
Beats Working For A Living: Sheffield Popular Music 1973-1984, by Martin Lilleker; Prophets Of The Hood: Politics And Poetics In Hiphop, by Imani Perry; Searching For The Sound: My Life With The Grateful Dead, by Phil Lesh

Cross Platform
Norton Wisdom - Jason Weiss meets the West Coast performance painter.
Plus reviews on Oliver Lyons, Chris Cunningham's Rubber Johnny, and Umbrellas In The Sun on DVD; Alan Lomax on film; Carter Burwell and Theater Of The New Ear on stage. Plus, The Inner Sleeve: Keith Fullerton Whitman on Harry Bertoia's Sonambient series

On Location
Music Lovers' Field Companion, Gateshead, UK; Tortoise, London, UK; MarkeB 05, Berlin, Germany; Laurie Anderson, London, UK; Steve Stapleton/Diana Rogerson/ Colin Potter/Andrew Liles/Matt Waldron, Vienna, Austria; Tony Conrad, New York, USA