The Wire


Issue 263

January 2006

Rewind 2005: Eyes down for The Wire's annual selection of the year's best music, plus critics' and musicians' reflections

Noah Howard
Decades after migrating to France in a squall of free jazz, the alto sax master is still blowing strong. By Phil Freeman

Invisible Jukebox: Nurse With Wound
Steven Stapleton has a chance meeting with The Wire's mystery record box. Tested by Jim Haynes

Volcano The Bear
Keith Moliné tries to keep order among the good humoured sprawl of Leicester's finest free rock troupe

Tetuzi Akiyama
Armed with a guitar and samurai sword, the Tokyo Improv warrior tells Clive Bell why he wants us to boogie

Burning Star Core
Bruce Russell descends into the subterranean drone-disco run by Ohio violinist C Spencer Yeh

Dan Wilson
The songwriter and radio artist conducts acts of poetic subversion from Meadow House. By Phil England

Yannis Kyriakides
Cold War geopolitics, philosophy and Improv are all mixed up in the output of this Greek composer. By Rob Young

Global Ear
Marcus Boon follows a Rat-Drifting trail through Toronto's underground

The Sprawl's Iris Garrelfs and Douglas Benford on ten years of club running in London

Print Run
Xenakis, by Nouritza Matossian; Warp, by Rob Young with Adrian Shaughnessy and Circular Breathing: The Cultural Politics Of Jazz In Britain by George McKay

Cross Platform
Black Mountain College & Playing John Cage: An exhibition and concert series at Bristol's Arnolfini explore the legacy of the legendary BMC; Sound And The City: Don Watson listens to Brian Eno and David Toop in Beijing. Reviews: Her Noise in London; Relay ~ NYC! in New York; The Nomi Song on DVD. Plus, The Inner Sleeve: Emma Gaze on Bob Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home; and Go To: Our monthly Net trawl

On Location
LMC Annual Festival Of Experimental Music, London, UK; Okeanos, London, UK; Anton Lukoszevieve: The Art Of The Curved Bow, Cambridge, UK; High Zero Festival, Baltimore, USA; Ruff Sqwad, London, UK; On The Outside, Newcastle, UK